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Dysnai 2004 Print
Thursday, 15 July 2004
On July, 10 the XVIIth Youth Nuclear festival DYSNAI has been closed. Approximately 110 delegates from Belgium (Belgatom), Hungary (Paks), Lithuania (INPP, Mazekiaj), Russia (5 NPPs including Bilibino, MashZavod, Rosenergoatom, Physical Power Institute - Obninsk), Slovakia (Bohunice, Mohovice) and Ukraine (4 NPPs, Youth Nuclear Labor Union) took part in the event. The Book of the Reports of the Symposium will be published little bit later. The youth forum was successful! Search for updates (best pictures, videoclip)
Opening panel Print
Saturday, 03 July 2004
Today July,3 Dysnai 2004 starts. Opening panel will take place on the traditional Glade at 10 p.m. and the water of Lithuanian lake will reflect the lights of fireworks. Best wishes to delegates from different countries!
IYNC 2004 Print
Wednesday, 19 May 2004
Two delegates, Sergey Monahov and Feliks Sokolov were representing Lithuania at International Youth Nuclear Congress , that took place in Toronto, Canada May 9-13. More then 250 young nuclear professionals, researchers and students from 32 countries got new expressions, experience and useful contacts during this traditional forum. It was announced that next Congress will be held in Sweden in 2006.
A clash of strong wills Print
Monday, 02 February 2004
In the end of January a meeting took place in Economy Ministry of Lithuania. The working group under the guidance of professor J. Gilis set out results of their investigations. The main figures of Lithuanian energetic took part in the meeting: a consultant to the President L.Ashmontas, Lietuvios Energija Director General R.Juozajtis, Lithuanian Energetic Institute Director Yu.Vilemas and others. As it was expected the main discussion was arisen between J.Gilis and Yu.Vilemas. As the result some corrections were done in figures and calculation' methodic.
Next meeting is going to be held at Ignalina NPP in early February. In cooperation with representatives of Framatome ANP questions concerning new nuclear reactor will be taken into consideration. President R.Paksas on recent XXth anniversary of Ignalina NPP (congrats!) demanded a voice in Lithuania as a nuclear state.
Traditional meeting Print
Saturday, 31 January 2004
A return meeting of Ignalina team and their colleagues from Slavutich town (Ukraine) was held 22-25 of January. Few Russians were present including newly minted MAMA President Alexey Lependin. These meetings could not be considered as organizational but interlocutory.
Ukrainian leader Mr.Chichkan and Ignalina’s Colonel Fel expressed gratification and participants as well. Being held on old-fashioned accommodation house Mishkinishkes, which history comes back to XVII century , the meeting left best impressions. Because of great people involved, certainly!
It's getting better Print
Monday, 22 December 2003
Organized by Lithuanian Government Expert Group under the guidance of professor Jonas Gilis said “yes” to nuclear energy in Lithuania in future.
MAMA Print
Sunday, 30 November 2003
November 19-23 a meeting of Rosenergoatom youth in Novovoronez (Russia) took place. Representatives from Ukraine and Lithuania were present. An International Youth Nuclear Association was established (Russian abbreviation MAMA) with head office in Moscow. A.Lependin (Nuclear Regions) was elected as a president. Lithuanian Sergey Monakhov became one of three vice-presidents. We believe this would help to enlarge Russian delegation during Dysnai event in future.
Web-Site news Print
Saturday, 29 November 2003
We have added new section: VideoClips. Here will be stored Clips from Dysnai festivals. Download and enjoy it! :)
Web-Site news Print
Sunday, 26 October 2003
Now you can find a book of reports. Also we updated the photogallery - check it right now :)
Conference in Kiev Print
Tuesday, 14 October 2003
September,30 –October,5 the Third Meeting of Ukrainian Nuclear Labor Union Youth took place in Kiev under the slogan “Future of Nuclear for the Youth!”. Sergey Monahov, the President of Ignalina Youth Nuclear Association and Felix Sokolov, Ignalina Dysnai Team’s leader were representatives from Youth Department of Ignalina NPP Independent Labor Union. An agreement of Ukrainian youth participation in Dysnai festival 2004 was completed.
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