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1. Numerical modeling of the neutron spectrum and evolution of hafnium and erbium isotopic composition in the neutron flux, Jurkyavichus A., Ignalina NPP

2. Environmental qualification process of safety related equipment loops at “Cne-prod” Cernavoda, Delcea L., Cernavoda NPP

3. Some neutronics of research reactor complex with heavy liquid-metal coolant, Alexandrova E., SSC RF IPPE

4. Radiation characteristics of WWER-440 spent fuel, Kamenov A., Kozloduy NPP

5. Reliability assesment and management of coolant flow measure system in RBMK-1500 reactor, Matuzas V., LEI

6. Modification and improvement of  RBMK –1500 fuel assembly design, Kamagin D., Mashinostroitelny zavod

7. Radiation safety verification calculations by SKALA system, Prokhorova N., SSC RF IPPE

8. Possible problems of Ukrainian NPP decommissioning, Britan P., Chernobil NP

9. Radiation potential of spent fuel of the reactor with lead – bismuth coolant, Khodakovskaia E., SSC RF IPPE

10. Prognosis of the residual gas gap in the fuel channels of the Ignalina NPP unit 1 reactor, Jurgita Simaitytė Volskienė., LEI

11.  Equipment for repair of RBMK-1500 fuel assemblies of Ignalina NPP, Stravinskas S., Ignalina NPP

12.  Prospects of using chitin sorbents in liquid radwaste treatment , Myasnykov O., Chernobil NPP

13.  Analysis of safety aspects of the SVBR-75/100 power installation as applied to regional nuclear co-generation plant, Golovin A., SSC RF IPPE

14. Hydrogen safety concept of NPP with VVER-1000 reactor, Altbregen M., Atomenergoproekt

15.  Calculation of temperature and velocity fields in fuel element bundles of nuclear reactors using models of turbulent viscosity and thermal conductivity, Sapelkina Т., SSC RF IPPE

16. Computer technologies in nuclear materials control and recording (the system “SmartFuel”), Hristov D., Kozloduy NPP

17.  Inspent fuel storage operation experience, Pashkevichius G., Ignalina NPP

18.  The experiences with operational diagnostic on NPPs EBO, Drobný P., Bohunice NPP

19.  Diesel generators reliability data analysis and testing interval optimization, Alzbutas R., LEI

20. Economic aspects of the utilization of surplus weapon-grade plutonium, Shuvalova A., PIR-Center MEPI

21.  Модернизация и продление срока эксплуатации АЭС, Moroz V., Zaporozhye NPP

22.  Экспертный комплекс оперативной оценки и прогноза радиационной обстановки при эксплуатации Запорожской АЭС, Semenenia O., Zaporozhye NPP

23. Содержание тяжелых металлов и минерализация поверхностных вод региона расположения Запорожской АЭС, Moroz N., Zaporozhye NPP

24. Хранение отработавшего ядерного топлива, Kalko Y., Zaporozhye NPP

25. The role of the union of nuclear power engineering territories and enterprises in development of nuclear industry, Lependin A., UNPETE

26. There’s no nuclear future without the young, Holy R., Mochovce NPP



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