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Friday, 24 August 2007
All you need to know about festival

One can enjoy the festival “Dysnai”. It is sure to be not too expensive but quite interesting.

The first festival of young nuclear operators called "Dysnai" was held in 1988. Since that time every year boys and girls who work at nuclear enterprises, nuclear power plants (NPP) or live in satellite-towns of NPP have been coming to the same place in Lithuania in the first week of July. They participate not only as individuals but as teams too - delegations from Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Central and Western Europe (representatives from Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Sweden).

Dysnai is a camping on the Glade nearby wonderful Lithuanian lake (30 km from Visaginas – a satellite-town of Ignalina NPP), a kind of interesting and funny show in the forest that lasts for seven days each year. Putting all necessary arrangements like each delegation camp, a stage, electrification, etc. - is fulfilled by the Lithuanian team. Camping as a large group brings everyone together and gives people a chance to become friends.

The Program usually consists of the Opening Panel on the Glade (welcoming speeches, flags rising, introduction of participants, fireworks etc.), the Symposium, Young Specialist Day, an excursion to interesting places of Lithuania, Technical Tour to Ignalina NPP and different youth games on Festival Glade. We believe that games may give more to reach mutual understanding then “official” presentations. Besides it’s obvious that living in tents is much cheaper than an accommodation. The meal we prepare on campfire is plain but absolutely healthy and delicious! Besides you can visit sauna and free bar that included in the camp structure, take a swim in the lake and enjoy beautiful nature around.

Actually the Symposium is the most important part of the Dysnai event. It takes place in Congress Hall of Ignalina NPP Training Center. We get there by bus. Well-known politicians, special guests start the Symposium program as key-note speakers. During Symposium delegates make their oral and poster presentations, discuss modern problems in sections, visit full-scope simulator of RBMK Control Room.

That form of youth policy deals not only with professional purposes (there are some other procedures) but with establishing of human contacts, a kind of "human diplomacy". It's a dialogue of colleagues divided by state borders but having high professional potential and united by the same job and fortune. Such policy is supported by NPP' administration, welcomed by plant's personnel, press and public opinion thanks to the festival spirit of friendship and coexistence.

In 2019 the XXXII International Youth Nuclear Festival period is June 29 - July 06. Join us!

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