Monday, 27 August 2007

Ignalina Youth Nuclear Association is a public organization with the aim to create the conditions and effective mechanism for communication, experience exchange, youth joint creative activity between different countries and peoples involved in nuclear industry, business, culture and environment protection. The organization exists by means of its members' fees and sponsors provisions.
One of mechanisms that contribute to achievement of this target is International Symposium that is held annually within DYSNAI festival. By this time the Association has organized more than 20 similar events. Ignalina NPP, Lithuanian Nuclear Society (LBEA), European Nuclear Society Young Generation Network (ENS YGN) and Visaginas Nuclear Forum support this Association activity.
We believe that Lithuania is a good place for meeting the youth from West and East. During Youth Nuclear Festival young people effectively use principals of Human Diplomacy, adopt Good Standards in common life and our profession, and develop new approaches to communicate benefits of nuclear power, promote further peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology for the welfare of mankind.