A clash of strong wills
Monday, 02 February 2004
In the end of January a meeting took place in Economy Ministry of Lithuania. The working group under the guidance of professor J. Gilis set out results of their investigations. The main figures of Lithuanian energetic took part in the meeting: a consultant to the President L.Ashmontas, Lietuvios Energija Director General R.Juozajtis, Lithuanian Energetic Institute Director Yu.Vilemas and others. As it was expected the main discussion was arisen between J.Gilis and Yu.Vilemas. As the result some corrections were done in figures and calculation' methodic.
Next meeting is going to be held at Ignalina NPP in early February. In cooperation with representatives of Framatome ANP questions concerning new nuclear reactor will be taken into consideration. President R.Paksas on recent XXth anniversary of Ignalina NPP (congrats!) demanded a voice in Lithuania as a nuclear state.